Take Your Volleyball Jump Ability to the MAX!

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There are few sports that are as dependent on the ability to jump really high as volleyball. With the recent developments within sports, coaches and trainers have developed and perfected new and old techniques with incredible results. Today's athletes are finding out literally how to reach new heights in their athletic ability and career opportunities.

For Volleyball players, the ability to jump really high is crucial. Mostly only very gifted talents seek their way to the volleyball arena, those who have a natural ability for jumping. Forty years ago, athletes and coaches lived under the assumption that if you weren't born with the ability to jump high, there was nothing you could do about it.

Since then, the world of sports has become a huge multi-billion dollar industry and with that, also the strive for perfection. Trainers have for the past 30 years developed, tweaked and refined the techniques practiced by athletes that will perfect their performance. These techniques are now hitting the surface and athletes alike are beginning to see results that are out of this world.

Improving your vertical is easy! If you know what to do.

Full time devotees, trainers like Jacob W. Hiller, a professional and certified jump trainer, have taken the time and the effort to develop the best possible program to add inches to your vertical. It is a day-by-day, comprehensive workout that will maximize your ability to jump higher than you thought possible. There are good reviews you can read, where you can see for yourself how to increase vertical jump ability.

Volleyball jump potential and quickness are the building blocks for all players and can be improved upon dramatically. The most important things are to add power and flexibility in the middle and lower parts of your body. You achieve this by training with flexible resistance. Not only with heavy weights in the gym.

Utilizing the flexibility and resistance of rubber bands correctly can enhance your performance drastically. They allow for freedom of motion in all directions and don't limit the performer to strict motions. The flexibility of the bands allow for the bouncing factor to take part, that which otherwise is strictly "forbidden" in weight lifting.

 Squats, abdominal exercises, leg extensions and more can all be performed with the aid of resistance bands, making your muscles flexible and powerful. The combination you seek for peak performance. As you become more proficient and you feel you need to push harder, try adding a second resistance band rather than weights. This will allow for even more powerful flexibility in joints and muscles.

If you follow these outlines, combine that with the right amount rest, the right diet and the right mindset, you are sure to see improvements in your volleyball jump ability in no time.

To your success!

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Take Your Volleyball Jump Ability to the MAX!

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This article was published on 2010/03/31