Psychic Ability and Types of Psychic Abilities

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Psychic ability is said to be the ability to have second sight, it can also be describe in the terms of extra sensory perception. Psychic abilities cover a wide area of metaphysics. When the word metaphysics is mentioned then many people have different views on this subject. Some people do not believe in psychic abilities and are skeptics; on the other hand many spiritual souls actually will swear by psychics ability being real. One thing is certain and that is; statistics show many people believe in psychic abilities (extra sensory perception) and also many people say they themselves experienced an event that is not explainable by known science.

This humanly ability has been around for as long as humans were walking the vast meadows of earth. So what is psychic ability? It is an ability to sense perceive and or receive information without prior knowledge, this information coming from the universal mind consciousness has also been the subject of many arguments as to its legitimacy. Yet even though science is so advanced it cannot disprove such phenomenon being existent.

Types of psychic abilities are but not confined to; clairvoyance, ability to see auras, telepathy, precognition, ability to interpret dreams, ability to contact the spirit world in the form of psychic medium channeling, clairaudience are all types of psychic abilities. There are psychics who are actually attuned and can use these abilities to better inform themselves or others who maybe seeking guidance. Let’s briefly look in to types of psychic ability to understand what they mean.

Clairvoyance: is to have clear vision or to see things clearly, but not in a physical sense rather spiritual sense, the term having second sight also is used to cover this form of psychic ability.

Clairaudience: is to hear clearly, it is an ability to hear the sounds that come from spiritual dimensions, and these sounds are not heard through physical ears, rather by psychics heart.

Psychic medium channeling: is to receive messages of past spirits, again this is done through psychics hearts, although very extensive attuning is needed to actually perform this unique ability.

Aura reading: is to see reflecting energy around a humans body.

Dream interpretation: is to translate dreams for guidance and interpret the meanings that our most strong dreams contain. This form of psychic ability has been well documented, and there are countless dream dictionaries published about dreams.

Telepathy: is to send and or receive mind energy.

Precognition: is to intuitively sense an situation or incident before it actually happens.

All of the above are different form of psychic abilities, but there are other types of extra sensory perception abilities that exist, and through training and learning the path of human soul all of the above can be attained. Psychic ability is sometimes seen as a gift by spiritual community, this is rather a complement, but it is not something you are born with as many people think, we are all born with a spirit and developing psychic abilities are attuning ones soul to be able to perform each ability or at least some of them, and anyone can develop this unique humanly gift and the necessary conditions for developing psychic abilities are, is to have an open mind and open heart.

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Psychic Ability and Types of Psychic Abilities

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This article was published on 2009/02/16