Jump Higher For Volleyball With These Three Improvements

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Most players understand it's important to be able to jump higher for volleyball. The ability to jump higher is often a result of being more explosive from the ground. The higher you can jump, the better you will be as an overall volleyball player. If you are looking to increase your vertical jump, here are some jump higher tips to include in your jumping program.

Improve Body Composition

Having a lower body fat can help you add inches to your vertical and increase your ability to attack the net. Excess body fat is just extra baggage you have to carry when trying to jump in the air. Notice that we said improve body composition which different from simply losing weight. Different positions in all sports require different body types. The best way to improve body composition is improve your diet and engage in high intensity exercise such as weight training and sprints. The goal is to add/maintain muscle mass while losing fat.

Increase Flexibility

This is one of the jump higher tips that is often overlooked. Greater flexibility can have a profound effect your ability to jump higher. Having flexibility means that your muscles have a greater ability to expand and contract which results in greater strength output. The best way to increase your flexibility is to engage in regular stretching. Make it a part of your workout during each session. Not only will stretching will improve your vertical, it will prevent many sports injuries.

Get Strong

This is an overlooked aspect in most jump higher programs. Many athletes don't see the correlation between strength and their vertical jump. Most athletes mistakenly believe that adding muscle will make them muscle bound and will be a detriment to their vertical jump. Added muscle, without excess body fat and decrease in flexibility, will increase your ability to explode from the ground. I know this to be true as I know 250+ lb power lifters that can hit box jumps of 40" or more. Jumping isn't even part of their sport! This increased jumping ability comes from heavy weight training exercises such as squats. You don't need to train like a power lifter but you should be adding regular strength training exercise as part of you jumping program.

If you are in a position of needing to jump higher for volleyball, incorporate these tips to add inches to your leaping ability. The improved ability will turn heads of coaches, teammates, and opponents.
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Jump Higher For Volleyball With These Three Improvements

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This article was published on 2010/11/25