Charisma - How to Project it With Ease

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Charisma or spiritual grace is the uncanny power to inspire devotion, respect and enthusiasm. It is the ability to get people to support your ideas and think along your line of thought, without any resistance. It is more like a hypnotic seance whereby personal opinions are suspended and another man's idylls are accepted due to some unexplainable vibrations that hold the listeners spellbound.

This attribute seems to be natural with some people; they seem to be able to take their listeners on an emotional roller coaster ride, strike terror into their hearts at the same time and engage their imagination in a way that will never raise defenses at all.

An idiosyncrasy of charismatic people is the ability to project an innate ability or gift. This might be eloquence, leadership or organization. At some times, it could be honesty or intelligence, it could even be something as mundane as gentleness or diligence. In as much as these qualities are good, they do not necessarily make a man charismatic. What endows charisma on a man is subtlety. The ability to call attention to yourself by diverting attention from yourself at the same time. It makes whatever quality a man has spontaneous, and people would be drawn to such a person.

Another quality they have is keeping strong ties with people, maintaining a healthy and long lasting relationship with them. They seem to know what moves people around them, and they throw the darts at the right time. An outward bound orientation can confer this on any man ; be selfless for once and see the effect. They seem to be distinct from the pack- the reality is they have succeeded in locating what stands them out and they instinctively rein in on the ability unconsciously. This can be achieved by showcasing a humble character, whether false or real, it is better if it is real, because people tend to smell pretense from a distance after a while.

Projecting charisma could be self fulfilling, or who would not want to be noticed amidst peers? The good thing about it is that it can be learnt, with little patience.

It would also help to watch people we admire and discover what stands them out. The problem with this is that we might tend to idealize the person, that is not what we are talking about here; study, learn, inculcate the habits and be charismatic.

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Charisma - How to Project it With Ease

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This article was published on 2010/04/01